Project Unit


The Project Unit which works under the guidance and direct supervision of the Court Administrator, has the primary responsibility for providing support in the efficient and effective implementation and monitoring, supervision and reporting on all Judiciary projects, geared towards the achievement of the Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Judicial Branch of the Liberian Government.

Such specific functions and responsibilities of the Judiciary Project Unit include:

  • Facilitate the development process of the overall Strategy of the Judiciary, and the time-bound Strategic Plan for the Judiciary;
  • Take the lead in the design and implementation of the monitoring & Evaluation (M& E) Frameworks in the roll-up of the Judiciary Strategic Plan;
  • Facilitate the development of sub-projects under the Strategic Plan in coordination with the relevant sections of the Judiciary;
  • Liaise with Sectional Heads in the preparation of Annual Work Plans and Budgets; and   coordinate timely coordination and submission of progress reports;
  • Provide Technical and Liaison support or all donor-funded projects, including the drafting of TORs for project-related Experts (national and international);
  • Prepare strategic operational plan for the Judiciary Projects including the Annual and Quarterly work plans.
  • Regularly update the Court Administrator about the progress of the projects and supervise financial monitoring and procurement matters.
  • Prepare periodic accounting records, maintain delivery records and make Program transactions.
  • Maintain inventory of all on-going projects in the Judiciary.
  • Provide logistic support to workshop(s)/Seminar(s) and other Program activities.
  • Prepare draft Project budget revisions, shadow budgets, budget revisal, cost-sharing and other project related financial and accounting reports as inputs to the overall Judiciary Financial Reports.
  • Provide assistance to various Department and Sectional Heads to monitor timely submission of Project Reports.
  • Prepare Project related financial requests and expenditure statements as and when required.
  • Develop procurement plan as per the project’s procurement requirement(s).
  • Provide assistance to the Project Management Team [comprising the Architectural Engineer and the Assistant Engineer] in monitoring, evaluation and reporting on program progress in line with the Judiciary Results Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.
  • Manage risks and assess on an on-going basis, the availability of resources for redeployment due to emerging opportunities and /or unforeseen need.
  • Assist the Office of the Court Administrator in securing the development and implementation of development projects related to the Judiciary; and
  • Any other relevant tasks and other duties as may be assigned by the Court Administrator.


The Project Unit of the Judiciary is headed by a Project Officer/Manager who is ably supported by an Assistant Project Officer and a secretarial staff.