Commercial Court






Her Honor Judge Eva Mappy Morgan Chief Judge Commercial Court Temple of Justice


His Honor Richard S. Klah                        Associate Judge,                                      Commercial Court Temple of Justice


His Honor Chan-Chan A. Paegar

          Associate Judge

    Commercial Court Temple of Justice

Commercial Court Temple of Justice



The Commercial Court was established in September 2010 to promote a favorable investment climate and instill confidence in the business community. The long delays taken to hear cases involving business entities frustrated the debt recovery efforts, contributing to the unwillingness of these entities to extend credit opportunities, hence, the need to have a specialized and fast track court to deal with some of this workload especially commercial issues that did not require jury trial. The Court is a three-judge panel court that sits individually or together depending on the claim amount.


Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction of the Commercial Court is extensive.  The court can hear cases in civil commercial actions ranging from commercial claims of US$15,000.00 and above; Admiralty: creation, registration, foreclosure of maritime mortgages; sales and lease except realty; creation, negotiation, enforcement of negotiable instruments –rights and liabilities included; foreclosure of mortgage; Agreements: Agency, partnership, corporation or similar business relationship –creation, performance; assignment and/or modification; Appeal/decide application for enforcement of final decisions of arbitral panel; other claims of commercial nature.


Subject to USD15,000.00 threshold, the Commercial Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Debt Court over actions to obtain payments of debt however, actions cannot be moved from the Debt Court to the Commercial Court or from the Commercial Court to the Debt Court.


Appointment and tenure of Commercial Court Judges: The President shall nominate and by and with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission the Judges of the Commercial Court of Liberia who shall be a Head Judge and two Associate Judges respectively. They shall hold office during good behavior.


Opening dates of the Commercial Court: The Commercial Court is opened for the adjudication of cases monthly. However, their reporting periods are quarterly.