Juvenile Court




The Juvenile Court, Temple of Justice R.L.

Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court has original jurisdiction over juvenile matters and is mandated to have exclusive original jurisdiction in special proceedings concerning any juvenile, living or found within geographic area.

Although there is statutory mandate for the creation of a Juvenile Court in each county of the Republic and lesser geographic units, only the county of Montserrado currently has a fully constituted Juvenile Court. The Magisterial Courts in the other counties are mandated to assume juvenile court jurisdictions whenever it becomes necessary.

The Circuit court in the county in which a Juvenile Court or Magisterial Court assumes juvenile jurisdiction has appellate jurisdiction over adjudications or dispositions of the court. An appropriate Monthly and Probate Court may also exercise appellate jurisdiction over adjudications or dispositions of the juvenile court.

Opening dates of the Juvenile Court: The Juvenile Court is opened for the adjudication of cases monthly. 

Appointment and tenure of the Juvenile Court Judge: The President shall nominate and with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission the Judge of the Juvenile Court of Liberia who shall preside and hold office during good behavior.