Monthly & Probate Court




Monthly and Probate Court , Temple of Justice R.L.

A Monthly and Probate Court exists and functions in all Counties (Circuits) within the Republic as a specialized Court and where such Specialized Courts do not exist, the Circuit Court assumes the functions of a Monthly and Probate Court.

Jurisdiction: The Monthly and Probate Court has the exclusive jurisdiction to probate Wills of deceased persons affecting personal and real properties; grant letters Testamentary and Administration; direct and control the conduct and settle the accounts of executors and administrators; enforce payment of debts of testators and intestates and of their legacies and inheritance and direct the distribution of estates.

The Court also may order the sale and distribution of the real property of deceased persons; and to perform other functions concerning real and personal properties of deceased persons.

The County of Montserrado and the District of Careysburg operate Monthly and Probate courts outside of the jurisdiction of the Circuit. The Monthly and Probate Court has exclusive original jurisdiction over all matters of probate concerns stated supra. Further, it exercises appellate jurisdiction in cases from courts not of record within their respective magisterial areas involving actions to obtain payment of debt and matrimonial causes arising under tribal customary law.

Appointment and tenure of Monthly & Probate Court Judges: The President shall nominate and with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission the Judges of the Monthly & Probate Courts of Liberia who shall preside in specific jurisdictions respectively. They shall hold office during good behavior.

Opening dates of the Monthly & Probate Courts: The Monthly & Probate Court is opened for the adjudication of cases monthly. However, their reporting periods are quarterly.