Traffic Court




Traffic Court, Temple of Justice R.L.


There is a Traffic Court constituted by statutory authorization in each of the political sub-division of the Republic of Liberia.


The Traffic Court has original jurisdiction to try without jury any and all violations of vehicle and traffic laws constituting an infraction. The Court’s jurisdiction is governed by the procedure in criminal proceeding in magisterial courts.

Appeal from the decisions of the Traffic Court is governed by the procedure for appeal from the decisions of Magisterial Courts. Appeal therein lies squarely before the Circuit Court in the county where it is constituted and exercises its jurisdiction. However, only the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit exercises appellate jurisdiction in Montserrado County decision from the traffic court therein.

Opening dates of the Traffic Court: The Traffic Court is opened for the adjudication of cases monthly. However, their reporting periods are quarterly.

Appointment and tenure of the Tax Court Judge: The President shall nominate and with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission the Judges of the Traffic Court of Liberia who shall preside in specific jurisdictions respectively. They shall hold office during good behavior.