Debt Court




Debt Court Temple of Justice, Republic of Liberia


A Debt Court exists and functions in the Capital City and some other designated cities of each of the Counties (Circuits) in the Republic of Liberia.

Jurisdiction: The Debt Court exercises exclusive original jurisdiction in all civil actions to obtain payment of a debt in which the amount is $2001.00 to $15,000.00 and shares concurrent jurisdiction with the Commercial Court on amounts of $15,000.00 and above. The Debt Court adopts the procedure of the circuit court in the enforcement if its judgment.

Appeal from judgments of the Debt Court or institution of remedial proceedings during trial in the Debt Court do not operate or serve as a stay in the enforcement of its judgment, except when the party was denied its day in court or the amount of the debt is in dispute. Appeals from the determination of the Debt Courts are heard by the Supreme Court.

The Debt Court have concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Court in the issuing of the writ of Ne Exeat Republic in cases arising out of debt.

Appointment and tenure of the Debt Court Judges: The President shall nominate and with the consent of the Senate, appoint and commission the Judges of the Debt Courts of Liberia who shall preside in specific jurisdictions respectively. They shall hold office during good behavior.

Opening dates of the Commercial Court: The Debt Court is opened for the adjudication of cases monthly. However, their reporting periods are quarterly.