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 The main goal of judicial training or education in any jurisdiction is to enhance the quality of justice to ensure Rule of Law. To this extent, it aims to build the capacity of the judiciary it serves. Thus, it is more than important that the quality of judicial education that is being imparted be effective. Accordingly, the role of any judicial training institute is to promote effective training for judges, magistrates, other judicial personnel and judicial sector actors. Such institutions are also stationed strategically to play a supporting role in the judicial reform efforts that are central to globalization.

It is against this background that the Honorable Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia, under the leadership of Chief Justice Johnnie N. Lewis, established the James A. A. Pierre Judicial Institute to be the focal point for the training of judicial personnel and other justice sector actors in Liberia. To this end, the Institute prepared her first strategic plan wherein, it identified the key strategic thrust and policy direction for the Institute. Guided by the 2009-2011 Strategic Plan, the James A.A. Pierre Judicial Institute has gone through a period of re-alignment of its policies and mandate. This has now been rolled out to the 2012—2017 planning period; the need to re-structure and separate the operations of the Institute from the mainstream judiciary. The Institute is also overhauling its programs and curricula and introducing new programs to meet training needs and best practices for our judicial personnel and other justice sector actors.

In this Plan, efforts have been made to realign the resources available to the Institute with its core activities. As our road map for the next five years, the Plan prioritizes activities and programs in terms of their contribution to the effective management of the Institute within the context of the Judiciary. The anticipated outputs as contributions to the delivery of judicial training services are also linked to their resultant costs within specified time frames.

This Strategic Plan articulates the Vision, Mission, Core Values and Objectives; and also provides strategies to be implemented in order to give the Institute a considerably enhanced service delivery capacity in the next five years. The Institute plans to transform the overall quality of governance through clearly defined responsibilities and functions to operational units in order to achieve the best corporate management practices. This will ensure efficient service delivery to our stakeholders.

It is our hope and expectation that this Plan will help in strengthening the James A. A. Pierre Judicial Institute to become a viable institution that will both coordinate judicial training in its fullest sense cutting across all justice sector training providers, and provide sustainable programs and training for the Judiciary and the justice sector generally. In this way, the Institute will contribute to the raising of professionalism and service delivery standards in the Judicial front and help to deliver quality justice to Liberians in all their spheres of social, economic and political life.

 Chairman of the Board of Governors
Justice Philip A. Z. Banks, III

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