General Rules Applicable in all Courts of Liberia


Rule 1

Except for the official opening day of the term of each court, or otherwise provided by law, and the rules of the Supreme Court, all courts shall meet daily at 8:00 a.m., recess and adjournment being in the discretion of the Judge, provided that excluding holidays and Sundays, all courts shall be opened from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon on Saturdays, for the purposes of filing pleadings, issuance of writ of summons and other administrative matters in accordance with law or as may be authorized by the Judge or other authority.

Rule 2

Witnesses should be seated during examination in all courts.

Rule 3

Counsels for the parties shall be allowed to sit during a hearing of a case, except when addressing the court directly or taking Ruling, or raising objection to a question or statement, and when arguing to court should the court allow argument.

Rule 4

A counsel appearing in all courts of record shall wear a dark business suit with coat and tie and a black robe. A female counsel shall dress correspondingly to the dress for the male counsel, that is to say a business suit with coat and a shirt and/or a dress with a black robe. On all non session days, or days when the court is not is session decent National or African Attire may be worn – Mobutu/Swear-in-Suit and traditional gowns for male and lappa suit for women, except that the African and National dress may be worn on Saturdays in all courts of no record.

Rule 5

The deadline for lawyers and law firms to obtain annual licenses to practice law and to operate law firm is the Second Monday in March of each year. After this date no lawyer who has not obtained his/her annual license, for the year shall be permitted to practice before any court, or before any administrative tribunal, or any agency of government directly or indirectly nor will a lawyer who has not paid his/her annual dues of the Liberian National Bar Associationup to the Second Monday in March of each year be permitted to practice before any court of the Republic of Liberia. The judge of the court may require exhibition and registration of evidence showing Compliance with this rule.

Rule 6

Every paper filed by counsel and by clerks of all courts shall be legal size sheets and shall be endorsed by the clerk of such courts indicating the date of filing, name, and signature of the relevant clerk of court.

Rule 7

Except as otherwise provided by law, every paper shall be type written on one side only, leaving a margin of about one inch on each side.

Rule 8

No record, book or documents of any kind shall be taken from any office of the court, or from any of its officers, or from files of the court by any officer, or other person, unless by permission of the court; and every party taking a record, book or document shall file a receipt for the same.

Rule 9

Service of all papers shall be in accordance with the Statutes controlling.

Rule 10

Except provided by statutes, the Supreme Court shall from time to time promulgate schedule of fees, charges, fines and cost for various charges in the court.

Rule 11

Proceedings in court shall be conducted with fitting dignity and perfect decorum, the taking of photographs in the courtroom during sessions of the court or recess between sessions and the recording of live broadcast or televising of court proceedings are calculated to allow lawyers to grandstand, detract the witness in giving his testimony, degrade the court and create misconceptions with respect thereto in the mind of the public and hence shall not be permitted.